Vintage Vehicle Information ($50)

The GM Heritage Center can provide model-specific Vintage Vehicle Information Packages. For a fee of $50, the GM Heritage Center will decode the vehicle identification number (VIN), the body plate/trim tag codes and provide photocopies of product literature including (when available):
  • Divisional Engineering Specifications
  • AMA/MVMA Specifications
  • Product Selling Information/Salesperson's Guides
  • Options and Accessories Information
  • Paint and Trim Guides
  • Sales Literature
  • Owner's Literature
  • Production Volumes
  • Vintage Vehicle Information Packages are available for all GM makes but the amount of information varies from model to model and year to year. Information relevant to a specific model if available will be mailed USPS.

    To download a free copy of the Vintage Vehicle Information Package for most Chevrolet models, click here.