Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where are the Key Codes listed?
Answer: Due to potential security issues, effective September 20, 2006, the GM Media Archive will no longer be supplying Dealer Invoices or Build Sheets with Key Code information. This information can be obtained by contacting your dealer.
Question: Do you provide window stickers?
Answer: No, You can use the information we provide to have a window sticker re-created. One of the largest suppliers can be found at www.window-sticker.com.
Question: Do you have records of past owners including the original owner?
Answer: No, vehicle invoices will show what dealer purchased the vehicle from General Motors, but there is no vehicle history information available.
Question: Why did GM not retain any original documentation for every vehicle built?
Answer: Each division and plant was responsible for maintaining production information but there were no retention guidelines for this information and plants did not have the necessary space to store it all. Most records were destroyed after 10 years.
Question: Where can I find the records that you do not have?
Answer: For Buick records prior to 1982, contact the Alfred P. Sloan Museum. For Pontiac records prior to 1987, contact PHS. While we continue to search for original build records and dealer invoices for Chevrolet, GMC, and Oldsmobile vehicles built prior to the 1977 model year, there is currently no resource available from which to obtain this information.
Question: Does GM provide letters of authenticity on GM letterhead stating that my car is authentic?
Answer: No, GM can not authenticate vehicles or options.
Question: Do you provide recall clearance letters?
Answer: No, call 888-467-6853 for more information.
Question: Where can I get current model information?
Answer: Call 800-222-1020 for more information.